Thank you for allowing God to inspire you to write this incredible story of our Lord. I can see clearly how deeply Jesus loves me and how far he would go to prove it to the world. I would like to know if you will have this book translated in Portuguese soon?

God bless you.

Irena, Brazil

Thanks for replying to our email Diana. This book is LIFE CHANGING.

thank you my wife and I have found new meaning for our lives. Jesus in this book really gives us hope.

Thank you i will be giving this book to people in my church and community.

Theres just so much in this book. So much we have learned.

may God keep on blessing you.

Philip, Ohio

What People Are Saying

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"A simple yet very profound message for both young and old"

Charles, ny

"I did not know about the christmas story. It is unbelievable. I never heard before. thank you for telling what God did for me."


"...words cannot express how I feel. I love the story. I couldn't put the book down. my son wanted to read over and over. As a parent I love the message from God to us, the rich vocabulary, love love this story." 

Thank you

Shelly, tx

"Very moving, love it!"

Terry, pa

"This story is really compelling. I read it with my son and we felt special to know how much we are loved. We've truly found the real meaning of Christmas." Ellie,

"Thank you Diana.This story has a beautiful message."


"I read this story and I was moved by it. I have to help to get the message out there. People need to hear this.""""

J.L., new york

Escape to a timeless celebration! Reading the first book, Born to Die In My Place A Timeless Story, will take you into Anna's world for the holidays and beyond with an understanding that socioeconomic status is not a prerequisite for God's gift.

Read and experience why ..."the baby king came down to the common manger..."


May your hearts be blessed with a renewed sense of God's love for you as you read and share this book with others!        from the author

Once again you wrote a story that speaks directly to my heart. I see Jesus in a new light. I could not get enough. I see myself in the characters and I experienced the emotions of each one, but especially Jesus, Oh I just cried. I never really felt so close to him and his love before. This book is a real blessing for me and my family; my son shared it with his teacher in school and she loved it too.


SW London

I read your new book born to die story of unconditional love. I think you really handled the life of Jesus with such respect to his character and his love for people.

Thank you Diana.

Mel, New york



The Lord Himself goes before you and He will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. 

Do not fear; do not be discouraged.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

Dear Miss Diana,

Thank you for writing this book. Me and my friends read it and we laughed in some parts and cried in some parts. We did not know about Jesus before. We say the prayer in the story every day now because I did not know how to pray before.

We love you and we love Jesus too.

Your friends in Canada,

Jay Jay, Tommie and Sandie


I had to send you an email. I love this story. I read it twice and it really gripped my heart. I now have a better knowledge of Jesus and what he did for me. I had no idea he went through all this. I cannot tell you how much this story touched my heart and brought me to tears.

Thanks for making this available to us in Europe.




what can I say? if I didn't know Jesus before this book surely opened my eyes so much more. i am just so blessed for everything in this book.  i love his childhood. i can really relate. now my son has a new way of relating to his peers and how to respond to bullies. oh Jesus did so much. his life was not easy but I am glad to see how he lived.

I am glad that I can email you and you actually write back.

Thank you Diana.

Fred, Sacramento CA

A friend gave me this book in march. This story is really life changing. It answers so many questions I had about Jesus. I appreciate that you show how human Jesus was and still he was God too. I am happy for this book because it is easy to understand even though there is so much richness to it. I am sharing this story with people in my village here in Africa.  i am glad that small children and even men and women can understand it. It is very good to teach people about Jesus.

God bless you so much for writing this book miss.


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When my daughter heard about this book she was anxious for us to get it. We read it before Easter. First of all I never read anything like this. Jesus was such an awesome child and adult. We cried so hard because  this story takes us right there on the scene as if it is all happening right now. I get chills reading it. As with your first book we love that you have All Original Pictures of Jesus from cover to cover. I love the questions at the end and I love the the poem in the story it is Really a Powerful Poem. My daughter memorized the poem and recited it at church. People were blessed by it.

Thanks for this book and I hope everyone buys it. You really have to read this book.

Thanks for allowing us to email you and stay in touch.

Irene and daughter Jodie,

Boston MA