A Natural Approach to Asthma and Allergies Part 8

Diseases Closely Linked to Cow's Milk!

Following is a partial list of physical problems that are linked to or directly caused by cow’s milk:
•Abdominal distention              •Abnormal blood clotting    •Asthma          •Atherosclerosis  •Autism        •Bed wetting                        •Bloody stools    •Chronic constipation                 •Colic                          •Colitis
 •Crohn’s disease                          •Diarrhea                    •Eczema
 •Fatigue                                    •Gastro esophageal reflux (GERD)

•Headaches                                •Hives                              •Hyperactivity    
•Inner ear trouble                     •Intestinal  obstruction
•Iron deficiency anemia             •Irritability
•Juvenile rheumatoid arthritis      •Lethargy           •Low serum proteins
•Lupus                                     •Malabsorption          •Mental depression
•Multiple sclerosis                •Muscle pain               •Nasal stuffiness

•Parkinson’s disease             •Peptic ulcers             •Rashes
 •Restlessness                        •Rheumatoid arthritis
•Runny nose                          •Schizophrenia                •Sinusitis
•Stomach cramps                  •Sudden infant death syndrome
•Tonsil enlargement          •Type 1 diabetes     •Vomiting           •Wheezing

Is it any wonder why one of the top “killer” foods we avoid on A Vegan Diet is dairy?
The truth is, you don’t need dairy. Your body will do just fine (and most assuredly, even better) without it!
How To Deal With Asthma and Allergies…God’s Way
Simply eliminating the cause of asthma and allergies will usually eliminate the problem along with the symptom! The primary cause of asthma is mucus and the allergens contained within the Standard American Meat and Dairy Based Diet.

As with so many of the other diseases that plague mankind, the solution is a 100% plant-based diet.
Yes, the solution is found in God’s Original Diet that He told mankind to consume in Genesis 1:29: “And God said, Behold, I have given you every herb (VEGETABLE) bearing seed, which is upon the face of all the earth, and every tree, in the which is the FRUIT of a tree yielding seed: to you it shall be for food.”
The body will almost always heal itself of whatever the problem, when the cause of the problem is removed and good whole plant nutrition and exercise are provided. Remember, your genes can only load the gun, it is your diet and lifestyle that pull the trigger!

written by: George Malkmus

A Natural Approach to Asthma and Allergies Part 4

Why Are We treating The Symptoms Instead of The Cause? 
I believe the answer to this question is revealed in a statement that can be found on the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America website which reads in part: “You can help AAFA in a variety of ways to support our education, advocacy, and research programs. Every contribution is 100% tax deductible. Since 1993, AAFA has been the provider of patient-centered information for the more than 60 million people with asthma and allergies in the United States.
Through a gift to AAFA, you can memorialize a person who is no longer with us, or you can celebrate a birthday, anniversary or other milestone to honor a friend or family member who is living with asthma or allergies.”
My dear friend, dealing with symptoms provides “job security” for the scientific community, for the AAFA and for all other disease foundations and societies, as well as doctors, drug companies, insurance companies, government Health Care programs, and all others involved in the so-called “health care” industry.
Rather than seeking the cause of asthma and eliminating the cause, the medical community treats the symptoms – with harmful drugs!

And what drug do they use to treat the symptoms?

Asthma inhalers are what most doctors will usually prescribe for the symptom. But research shows that ingredients found in asthma inhalers actually worsen the condition, creating a cycle of dependence on the inhaler.
Asthma inhalers are largely unnecessary in the first place, since nearly every case of asthma can be reversed through a simple plant based dietary change.
Why Cow's Milk is So Dangerous Are you ready for some ‘renewing of your mind’? 
Let’s start by blowing out of the water something most people have been taught to believe all their lives… that ‘Milk Does the Body Good.’ I am going to share abundant information with you that reveal just the opposite to be true.
Milk Does A Body Bad!  As we begin this renewal process, I am going to start with a food we have been programmed to accept not only as “good,” but absolutely necessary for good health ever since our earliest childhood: “Cow Milk.”  A product the dairy industry proclaims, “Milk Does A Body GOOD!” 

I will acknowledge that the breast milk of a human mother is the ideal source of nutrition for a human baby! Absolutely! That is God’s plan for almost the total nutritional intake of a human baby for at least the first year of life. On human breast milk, a baby will grow strong and healthy and develop a strong immune system (especially if mother is eating a healthy diet). 

I believe that you will probably agree with me that human breast milk is the perfect food for a human baby! I also believe that you would also agree that human breast milk is NOT the perfect food for a baby cow. 
May I ask why you would accept human breast milk as being the perfect food for a human baby, and not accept human breast milk as being the perfect food for a baby cow?

Think for a moment before you answer that question.  
Now, if we do not believe human breast milk is the perfect food for a baby cow, why do we believe that cow milk is the perfect food for a human baby? 
Use Your God Given Brain And Think! We are trying to do some renewing of our minds here, and if we are going to be successful, we must allow ourselves to think outside the box, and to reevaluate what we believe, and why we believe it.”

written by: George Malkmus

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The Lord Himself goes before you and He will be with you; He will never leave you nor forsake you. 

Do not fear; do not be discouraged.”

Deuteronomy 31:8

A Natural Approach to Asthma and Allergies 

Part 5

The Difference Between Human Babies and Calves I believe that everyone reading this will acknowledge there is a HUGE (and I mean HUGE) difference between human babies and baby cows at birth and at maturity.

Let’s begin with birth weight:

•Human babies usually weigh in the 7 to 8 pound range at birth
•A baby Holstein cow’s birth weight is in the 100-pound range.
•The average human adult, worldwide, is in the 150-pound range.
•A Holstein cow’s mature weight is in the 1,500-pound range.

Next, the protein content of human breast milk is less than 5%, and is designed by God to double the baby’s birth weight in approximately 180 days.
The protein content of cow’s milk is approximately 15% (300% of human breast milk protein content) and formulated by God to double birth weight in 45 days.
The protein content of rat’s milk is approximately 20% (400% of human breast milk protein content) and designed to double birth weight in 5 days.

Please note the correlation between percentage of protein and time necessary to double birth weights. Now with our thinking cap on, does it not make sense to acknowledge that God knew what He was doing when he created each animal species, and that He knew what he was doing when He specifically formulated the milk of each species exclusively for that particular species?
In nature, other than an extraordinarily rare circumstance of one species nursing the orphaned offspring of another, you will not find an animal of one species ever consuming the milk of another species on a regular basis.

Are animals in the wild possibly wiser than we so-called intelligent humans? 
Dr. T. Colin Campbell, PhD, a prestigious nutritional biochemist, and author of the China Study writes: “Isn’t it strange that we’re the only species that suckles from another species.”  And though Dr. Campbell grew up on a dairy farm and prided himself that he could drink a gallon or more of milk a day, after years of research he’s convinced that cow’s milk is responsible for a huge share of our nation’s physical problems.
The bottom line for Dr. Campbell is simple: “It’s unnatural to drink milk other than from your mother.” Think about that statement for a moment. How many animals in the wild “DRINK” milk after weaning? The answer – NOT A SINGLE ONE!
Might the animals in the wild be wiser by instinct than we humans are by following the teachings of the nutritional experts and the advertising of the milk producing industry of this world?

 written by: George Malkmus

         A Natural Approach to

    Asthma and Allergies  Part 1

I would like us to evaluate the way the “world’s wisdom” deals with asthma and allergies.
Webster dictionary defines “Asthma” as: “a paroxysmal (severe attack or a sudden increase in intensity of a disease) often allergic disorder of respiration characterized by broncho-spasm, wheezing, and difficulty in expiration.”

That’s what asthma is . . . but where does it come from? What causes it?

Here’s what the medical community has to say regarding its cause: “No one really knows the causes of asthma. What we do know is that asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways.

The causes of asthma symptoms can vary for different people. Still, one thing is consistent with asthma: when airways come into contact with an asthma trigger, the airways become inflamed, narrow, and fill with mucus.”

“When you have an asthma attack, spasms of the muscles around the airways, inflammation and swelling of the mucosal membrane lining the airways, and excessive amounts of mucus contribute to airway narrowing. This makes airway resistance increase and the work of breathing more difficult, causing shortness of breath, coughing, and wheezing.

You may have coughing with asthma because of the irritation inside the airway and the body’s attempt to clean out the accumulations of thick mucus.          

written by: George Malkmus


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A Natural Approach to Asthma

and Allergies Part 6

Remember, the Bible tells us: “The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God.”  (1 Corinthians 3:19). There are some 5,000 species of mammals on earth, and God formulated the milk of each species for that specific species. As we continue, we are going to learn that when we attempt to nourish a human baby, child, teenager, or adult with cow’s milk — milk coming from another species of animal — it becomes one of the most foolish and dangerous things we can do! 

And it doesn’t matter whether the milk is organic or not! Both are equally dangerous and destructive to the human body! Cow’s Milk Protein: 87% Casein Casein is a powerful binder, a polymer used to make plastics, and the glue used in making sturdy furniture. It can also be found in many foods as a binder. But it is also a powerful allergen, causing a histamine release that creates excess mucus, and is responsible for many of our children’s physical ills.

Of even greater concern is that milk casein, according to Dr. Campbell in his book “The China Study,” was found to grow cancer faster than any other thing fed to cancer-induced rats! In his research, Dr. Campbell found that casein, which makes up 87% of cow’s milk protein, consistently and strongly promoted all stages of cancer development!

Alternatively, proteins obtained from plants did not promote cancer at all, even at higher levels of intake. Also, of serious concern regarding cancer is that one of those 59 hormones found in cow milk is insulin-like growth factor-1 (IGF-1), a key factor in the rapid growth and proliferation of breast, prostate, and colon cancers, and is one of the biggest causes of the growth of ALL cancers!

written by: George Malkmus

A Natural Approach to Asthma and Allergies Part 3

How To Prevent Asthma

If excessive MUCUS is at the heart of an asthma attack, it’s in our best interest to learn what causes the excess mucus.
Here’s what Gary Null (M.D.) has to say in his “Complete Encyclopedia of Natural Healing”: “In all respiratory conditions, mucous-forming dairy foods, such as milk, dairy products like yogurt, and cheese, severely exacerbate the clogging of the lungs and should be avoided. Very simply, when more mucous accumulates in the lungs than can be expelled, asthma attacks develop. This belief has long been held in practiced medicine, and most medical doctors still stand behind this theory.”
Many other doctors and researchers are now beginning to agree that undiagnosed milk allergies may be the underlying problem. “Milk is one of the two or three most common food allergens in the American diet,” says allergy specialist Dr. James Braly in “Alternative Cures”.

Dr. Frank Oski, chief of pediatrics at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, believes that “50 percent of all school children may be allergic to milk.
Mike Adams at Natural News tells us this: “Lack of drinking water is the second leading cause of Asthma, and the sad fact is that most Americans live their entire lives in a state of chronic dehydration. The constriction of capillaries in the lungs is the body’s way of reducing water loss during respiration. This physiological response is frequently and inappropriately diagnosed as asthma by doctors. What doctors need to be prescribing is water, not steroids, and they need to be telling their patients to drink only water, not soft drinks, not juices (containing sugar), not punch, and certainly not cow’s milk!
“Whether milk is the source of the mucous, or whether milk causes an allergic reaction that causes the body to produce mucous, or both – research suggests that milk and all its products definitely worsens asthma!  Research reveals that a diet free of both milk, cheese, and meat, another common allergen, can greatly lessen asthma symptoms or completely alleviate symptoms. Once milk has been ruled out as the cause of Asthma, then insufficient intake of water should be considered.”

Suzanne Havala, a registered dietitian from North Carolina, who was co-author of the American Dietetic Association’s 1992 edition of its position paper on vegetarian diets stated at a Washington press conference: “after weaning, there is no need for milk of any sort-especially cow's milk! Vegetarians and their children get all the calcium they need from leafy vegetables, broccoli, etc. 
Cows get their calcium from eating their greens also” Dr. Russell Bunai, a pediatrician associated with the PCRM, who later took a two-year sabbatical from his practice to review the world literature on the subject. In Ghana where he served as a medical missionary, he noted that the traditional diet contains no dairy products and that asthma and other allergic problems occurred only in people who adopted more westernized diets that included cow’s milk. He says, “Of all mammals, only humans drink the milk of another species.”

Andrew Weil, M.D. writes: “If you or your spouse has allergies, asthma, eczema, autoimmunity, bronchitis, or sinusitis, or if your child is experiencing frequent colds and ear infections, it is definately worth experimenting with total elimination of cow’s milk in all its forms.”
Neil Nedley, M.D., in his book “Proof Positive” tells of: “…a Scandinavian study of 35 patients who had suffered from bronchial asthma for an average of twelve years. All of the participants were receiving long-term medications; 20 were on some of the most potent asthma medications that we use, the cortisone-type drugs such as Prednisone. These compounds can help people manage their asthma better, but they also have significant long-term damaging side effects, (as do most drugs).

In this research study, these 35 chronic asthmatics were asked to go on a total vegetarian whole foods, plant based diet for a year. (It needs to be plant based, because you can be a very unhealthy vegetarian and try to live on Snickers, potato chips, and Coca Cola!) 

After 4 months, 71% showed significant improvement and within one year a whopping 92% showed great improvement in their condition, and my guess is the last 8% were cheating on the prescribed diet.”

written by: George Malkmus

Seeds  of  Knowledge   Fields of  Understanding   Harvests  of  Wisdom

All possible with God!

A Natural Approach to Asthma and Allergies Part 7

Is Cow’s Milk The Best Source of Calcium For Bone Health?

Where do cows get the calcium that builds their big bones? They get it from the green grass they eat!  The calcium in plants has a large amount of magnesium, a mineral necessary for the body to absorb and use the calcium. The calcium in cow’s milk is basically useless in building bones, because it has insufficient magnesium content.
Those nations with the highest intake of milk/dairy consumption also have the highest rates of osteoporosis! Cow’s milk has 300% of the calcium of human breast milk, but it is not very usable because in order to be absorbed and used there must be an adequate quantity of magnesium. 
When a cow eats grass, that cow gets all the calcium it needs for their big bones only because grass contains a substantial amount of magnesium. When humans consume large quantities of greens, they not only get the calcium the body needs, but the magnesium needed by the body to utilize that calcium.
Interestingly, though cow’s milk contains 300% of the calcium of human breast milk, it only has enough magnesium to absorb around 11% of that calcium! Another serious concern here is the acidity of cow’s milk. The more milk and cheese, along with animal flesh (meats) a person consumes, the more acidic the body becomes. In an effort to neutralize this acidity, the body removes calcium (an alkaline mineral) from the bones to neutralize that acidity, thus creating soft bones and ultimately osteoporosis and hip fractures.
Disparities between calcium intake and bone healthcan be seen worldwide. The more dairy that people consume, the more susceptible they become to hip fractures. The 12-year Harvard Nurses’ Health Study, involving 78,000 nurses, found that those who got the most calcium from dairy products had approximately double the hip fracture rate, compared to women who got little or no calcium from dairy products! In other words, the more dairy in your diet, the higher your risk of  breaking bones! 
Basic Composition of Cow’s Milk All milk originating from a cow, whether it be commercial or organic, contains 59 active hormones, scores of allergens, fat, and cholesterol. Plus, cows’ milk has measurable quantities of herbicides, pesticides, dioxins, up to 52  powerful antibiotics, blood, pus, feces, bacteria and actual viruses!
Remember… cow’s milk (and beef, for that matter) may contain traces of anything the cow ate – including such things as radioactive fallout. There’s a lot more fat in milk and dairy products than you might think! •Whole milk derives 49% of its calories from fat
•2% milk derives 35% of its calories from fat
•Cheddar cheese derives 74% of its calories from fat
•Butter derives 100% of its calories from fat 
Most folks have no idea just how much fat is in milk and dairy. Americans who are overweight or obese need to understand that milk, ice cream, cheeses, yogurts, and all other products derived from cow milk are a significant cause for their weight problem! 
Homogenization Large fat molecules from un-homogenized cow’s milk cannot get through the intestinal wall and into the blood stream; this is a good thing, the way God intended. But when milk is homogenized, cream no longer rises because homogenization breaks up those large molecules into small ones that DO get into the bloodstream!
This becomes a dangerous, unnatural expressway for any fat-borne toxins (lead, dioxins, etc.) to get into the blood.

written by: George Malkmus

A Natural Approach to

Asthma and Allergies Part 2

“So why do you have asthma and your friend does not?

No one really knows for sure. We do know that allergies play a role in many people with asthma but not in all. As with allergies, you can blame your family history, as there is a strong genetic component for asthma.”(WebMD)
Statements like “you can blame your family history, as there is a strong genetic component for asthma” claim that if you suffer with asthma, you had nothing to do with the creating of the problem because the root cause of your asthma is in your genes.

Blame Mamma or Great Grandpa, or some distant relative, but not yourself in any way. Thus the medical community takes our attention away from any personal responsibility, and thus discourages a person from searching for a cause for the problem such as diet and lifestyle… or what we are feeding our child if they have asthma.

Genes control everything in our body and they can cause disease when abnormal… but not always! So who controls genes? Nutrition can control genes. Genes can be silent and do nothing. Most are like that. For most genes to become active (to be expressed) something in nutrition triggers it, bad or good……”

How Great Is The Suffering?

•Approximately 34.1 million Americans have been diagnosed with asthma by a

  health professional during their lifetime.

•The prevalence of asthma increased 75% from 1980-1994.

•It is estimated that the number of people with asthma will grow by more than 100   million by just by the year 2025!

•Asthma costs in the US grew from about $53 billion in 2002 to about $56 billion in   2015, about a 6% increase.

What Happens When an Asthma Attack Occurs?

While the medical community informs us that they cannot tell us what causes an Asthma attack, they can tell us what happens when the attack occurs: “When you have an asthma attack, spasms of the muscles around the airways, inflammation and swelling of the mucosal membrane lining the airways, and excessive amounts of MUCUS contribute to airway narrowing.   

written by: George Malkmus